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Fatehpur Sikri Road PATHAULI Sadar Agra


K S I College, Fatehpur Sikri Road Patholi Sadar Agra, is an initiative of K.S. Siksha Samiti. Our institution is highly appreciated for imparting sound moral, intellectual and physical education to the charges committed to our care. The school considers the formation of character the first essential of any sound educational system and so great stress is laid on the inculcation of high ideals, gentlemanly/ladylike behaviour and moral rectitude.

The Humanities and the Sciences taught in the school aim to impart sound practical knowledge of the syllabus of the C.B.S.E. After love, education is the greatest gift that you can give to your child. A good education prepares a child to be the best that she/he can be in life. Good teachers inspire him/her with a love of learning that endures long after specific facts are forgotten.

To derive the greatest benefit from his education, a child must be seen by his school as an individual. He must be encouraged to develop an inquiring mind; his teacher needs to be available when he wants to ask a question.

The children have always enjoyed the reputation of being friendly and there is a 'family atmosphere' within the school. We have very close links with the community and we inspire all Karshnis to participate in mass movements of social consequence.

A high quality education requires an expert staff. It requires facilities and buildings appropriate to the task; It requires time, patience and dedication. This is what we have to offer. The extensive campus has a modern and well equipped field, a cricket pitch and large playgrounds for different sports disciplines.


The motto of our School is "LOVE, TRUTH and JOY". All the staff and students of the school are expected to keep the school motto always uppermost in their minds and ensure standard of excellence in all their day activities to ensure success and happiness in their day to day life.


The mission of the college is to empower all its students to be a problem solvers, users of technology, effective communicators and lifelong learners in a rapidly changing global community by providing challenging experiences in a safe, caring, supporting and co-operative environment and prepare them to be successful and happy in this highly competitive and challenging future global scenario.

The day to day working costs which are being kept extremely low and covered by minimal and rather symbolic colleges fees, paid by the parents of the children going to college. Where there is not possible for the parents, College fees are waived off.

Other unavoidable costs of building maintenance and development are met with donations from kind citizens of the country. College aims at taking up other constructive projects in the field of education in the service of society.


K S I College running on the Public School line aims at a harmonious development of pupils physical, mental & moral powers with emphasis on character building and growth of an integrated personality.
It aims to develop creative learning skills to foster self-expression and all around growth. Beside academics, the school aims at the development of the entire personality of the student. Hence, the education is directed towards the training of the pupils intellectual moral, emotional, physical and such other cultural attainments as are suitable for boys and girls.
The school atmosphere includes in them regards for principles of school justice, equality of opportunities, freedom for religion and moral values enshrined in the constitution of India.
Assists them to enjoy their leisure period through healthy and recreational activities and develops habits of reading and hobbies for the life-time pleasure and joy.
Enlarges the mental horizon and broadens the outlook of the mind through training and developing in them sense of co-operation, mutual understanding, team spirit and social services.
Thus, here the students are encouraged to strive after excellence in every field, to be clear and firm on principles and courageous in action to be unselfish in the service of their fellow men. Every student is helped to develop within himself a sense of self-respect, freedom, justice, equality and scientific attitude.


Extensive renovation of school building.
Appointment of qualified teachers through appropriate remunerations.
Making school mid day meal possible per day for scholars.
Admission of more children from humble backgrounds.
Affiliating school with state education board.
Comprehensive regular teacher training courses and teaching aids.