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To agree to abide by all the rules and regulations by the guardian and the concern student is the first pre-condition for the admission in the school.

New admissions are taken to the classes from Class I to Class X.
Students who are under transfer from other school must have their transfer certificates.
Parents are required to submit the date of birth certificate of their wards issued by competent authority at the time of registration.
Prospectus and application form can be obtained from the school office.
The registered applicants are required to appear for a test except Class I after which admission may be granted or refused.
If a student leaves the school in mid-session the parents will have to pay all dues up to end of the term.
The school has arrangements for medical care (first aid) of the students. However, the cost of special treatments recommended by the doctor will be borne by the parents.
Parents are requested not to meet the teachers directly. Any problem should first be discussed with the vice-principal. They are welcome to meet her/his on any working day between 9 and 10 am. They can meet her/him at any other time also with prior appointment. The parents will be given opportunity to meet the teacher also at the time fixed by the vice-principal.
Prospectus and application form can be obtained from the school office.


The academic performance of the student is evaluated through the half yearly and annual examinations held in an academic session along with the Unit tests held every month.

The results of the test & examinations are communicated to parents through a progress report during the PTM.
Attendance during all test / examinations is compulsory. No change in date or no special arrangements is made for pupils who, for any reason, are absent for any test or examination.
75% attendance as per CBSE rules is compulsory for both the terms for promotion to the next class.
There is no provision for Re – Exam / Retest.
Absenteeism during any exam/test/practical & internal assessment will be considered as zero.
Students are not permitted to take half day leaves on test/assessment days.
Using unfair means during examination by any student will be taken very seriously and will be punishable as per school rules.


A minimum of 75% attendance is a pre requisite for the Final / Board Exams. The following rules must be followed in case leave becomes unavoidable:

In case of absence due to illness or unforeseen circumstances submit a leave application within two working days of the student returning to school.
A medical certificate is to be attached with application in case of illness. If a student has been suffering from an infectious disease, a doctor's certificate stating that the student is fit to attend school, after a quarantine period must be submitted.
Repeated absence without leave or unexplained leave for more than 20 consecutive days will result in the student's name being struck off from the school rolls.


Sr. No Fees Head for I To V Class Amount (Month)
1. Admission Fees 2000
2. Tuition Fees 500
3. Examination Fees 100
4. Computer Fees 100

Sr. No Fees Head for VI To VIII Class Amount (Month)
1. Admission Fees 2500
2. Tuition Fees 800
3. Examination Fees 150
4. Computer Fees 150

Sr. No Fees Head for IX To X Class Amount (Month)
1. Admission Fees 3000
2. Tuition Fees 1200
3. Examination Fees 200
4. Computer Fees 200